Major update to Garmin VIRB 360 Editing Software

Major update to Garmin VIRB 360 Editing Software

by Darren Round on Oct 02, 2017

The Garmin VIRB 360 sports camera, launched in May 2017, has been given a major boost with a significant upgrade to its free editing software.

The VIRB 360 is a rugged, waterproof and easy to use action camera that captures high quality video in a fully spherical 360-degree view and the 4 inbuilt microphones captures sound from all directions. As well as video the VIRB 360 can take stitched-in-camera, 360-degree, 15 megapixel spherical photos. With the built in sensors and GPS you can also overlay customised data whilst capturing footage.

Despite it being already one of the most impressive spherical action cameras Australia has had to pick from, Garmin has continued to work on and refine the editing software to give it the best possible level of performance available. If you own the Garmin VIRB 360 or been sitting on the fence, then you’ll be pleased to know that a major update has taken place to make it even more effective than it was beforehand.

By offering greater creative control of the Garmin VIRB 360, users can now enjoy even better use of the camera features. This comes courtesy of the new HyperFrame Director Mode; one of the market's most innovative add-ons in some time. This will allow for the VIRB Edit desktop software to become even more powerful than it is already, and ensuring that owners can produce even better footage from their camera.

At its core the changes mean you will be able to create beautifully stabilised traditionally framed content in 1080p using the spherical footage that you capture. The ability to reframe using wide angles and smooth camera pans post filming will ensure you concentrate on the enjoyment of your activity during filming rather than having to be so utterly precise.


''Recording in 360 is just the tip of the iceberg now. HyperFrame Director Mode puts users in the director’s chair and allows them to subtly merge VIRB 360 spherical footage into fixed-view content,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “With the new HyperFrame and RAW stitching capabilities, this puts VIRB 360 in a position second to none by bringing together premium features not seen in any other spherical camera on the market.”

You can capture high quality footage in a full 360-degree angle, making sure that you can capture everything that is going around you as you go. It ensures that you can grab angles that simply would not be possible if you were using a more normalized form of shooting.

Basically, this allows you to stretch far beyond where you usually would be and give you a greater way to capture brilliant footage from all angles without losing any stability in the image. From capturing stunning backdrops that you could not see yourself to making sure the whole crowd can be seen at a live event, this makes creating breathtaking imagery and footage easier than it has ever been.

By being able to easily merge 360-degree imagery into a single fixed angle-shot, you can keep the images that you capture a truly remarkable snap. It also allows for you to take RAW footage and to add extra stabilization to the footage taking it to a capture of 5.7K and getting rid for the need to invest in any kind of third-party software to use these new features. Many extra features have been added, too, like photo bursts and exposures to help make sure your Garmin does the perfect job for you time and time again,

It’s for this reason that anyone who owns the Garmin VIRB 360 should simply download the latest version of VIRB edit, which can be grabbed from the Garmin website.

This is going to make sure you have the latest editing tools and you never miss an incredible snap; even one you didn't see during shooting!

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